4 Day Natural Obstacle Course Race

Yelapa, Mexico: 4 day ELITE Retreat

January 8–13, 2019

3 Months of Preparatory Online Programming Included

This retreat will not be for the weak at heart! Join us for 4 days of intense competition and commraderie. Each day will begin with focused mobility and movement training to prepare for the following ‘obstacle course’ style of race that day. There will be a different destination with seperate goals and challenges. The final race day will be a culmination of our training in one half-day long event. Winner takes all. Cash Prize for first place!

Anyone with a competitive drive and desire to push the limits of their body and mind are invited to attend. Included with the cost of this retreat is 3 months worth of programming to prepare yourself for the challenge. You do not need to use the program, but it will be highly suggested if you have booked your retreat within 3 months of Day 1. You are also encouraged to attend this retreat if you just want to compete with yourself and are not concerned with anyone else!

We recommend attending any other retreat prior for added advantage.

BOOK EARLY, room rates increase November 1, 2018

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