San Cristobal Island, Panama: 5 day Retreat

November 15–19, 2018

On Prime Retreats Panama, we will be venturing out from Panama City (bus or flight) to Bocas del Toro where you will take a short boat ride to the Isla de San Cristobal. Once dropped off, you will be immersed into 145 acres of pure jungle with no neighbors. While this property and the island is completely off-grid, it is powered with solar energy and does have some wifi if needed. We do encourage all guests to disconnect as much as possible, but offer wifi just incase. The island of San Cristobal is only accessible by boats and has no roads. We will do most of our practice in the grassy area and some fun exploration of the grounds around us.

Please understand the accommodations will be beautiful and natural, but not a ‘resort’. There is no a/c, there are bugs, frogs, and other critters. But, in nature, mutual respect goes a long way.

Housing is mostly build near or ON the water with sufficient bug netting and netting over the beds, but bug spray will be recommended either way.This is an amazing place that will truly allow you to disconnect and spend time with yourself and others who are trying to achieve the same.

Each day will consist of 2-5 hours of movement practice, hikes and exploration. In San Cristobal we will have the ability to take trips to surf, zipline, and snorkel reefs. Most of these excursions are included in price, but due to availability. Weather is tropical and hot most days with daily rain showers to cool you down.

Three healthy meals based on our dietary guidelines will be provided and we can accommodate any other restrictions you may have.

Once you’ve made your deposit, you will receive a welcome packet via email with all pertinent information you will need (travel instructions, packing list, what to expect, etc) and are always free to email or call with any questions you may have.

BOOK EARLY, room rates increase October 1, 2018

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