Respect and connect to the nature outside, while you reconnect to the nature within. With these basic natural movements and nutritious meals you will be awakening your body’s natural rhythm and function while disconnecting electronically and reconnecting socially. These simple actions will spark an accelerated advance in physical and mental hygiene and aesthetics. In other words, you will look and feel better than you ever have.

We must move, not in one or two planes like most exercises in the gym, but through every combination of planes. You must be strong enough to lift in good form, but you must also be strong out of form, or you are weak. Our movement focuses will be; Running and walking (hiking), lifting, throwing(and catching), carrying, defending (practical and basic), as well as playing.

With movement, comes the need for fuel to replace energy. We must fuel ourselves with the highest quality and most efficient fuel if we want our bodies to have high end performance. We must also not add in the wrong types of fuel, if you pour oil in the gas tank of a car, it’s going to have a hard time performing.

Socialization is extremely important to human living dynamics. While having your own time is extremely important, total isolation in human beings has been shown to have the same physical stress, mortality and morbidity as a Pack-a-day smoker. Our goal is to create lasting relationships with other like-minded people. We typically have 2-3 group events per day and will always eat together. You will also have plenty of alone time to relax and recover.

After moving and being properly fueled, you must give you body the appropriate amount of rest. Whether it be relaxation while reading a book, walking the beach, laying under a shaded tree or getting proper sleep, you must recover. During the typical stay at a Prime Retreat, you will rise and set with the sun and reset your circadian rhythm. We have night time activities, but we relax and recover while doing so.

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