Ancestral Health is a process of learning our true nature; what our bodies and minds thrive on. Whether it be movement, food, social environment, play; we are learning from and adapting to exponential technological and environmental advances, while our physical bodies only slowly evolve. We are not far from where we began, and every person is unique, so while there are many variations to what is ‘healthful’ to a person, there are also basic truths everyone must follow. —See Principles

We follow a basic human diet, it could be called 10 different names, but we just eat foods we originally thrived off, plus some other foods later introduced in the human timeline that do not typically cause disfunction/inflammation within the body. A lot of vegetables, roots, tubers, some rice, some oats, and a good amount of fat and animal protein. We always try to source all of our produce locally when available.

We can make arrangements for almost any dietary needs. Please address this before booking though.

No, we are not. The food is typically served buffet style. It is high quality food and with the amount of movement we are doing everyday, you are encouraged to eat a lot. However, we eat 3 big meals a day, so there will be times when you may be hungry; there are always healthy snacks available if this arises. 

We consider all of the Prime Principles when looking for a location. It has to be beautiful, relaxing, and remote. We want to pull away from our everyday and immerse ourselves in nature. We also want there to be plenty of fun and active excursions near by. 

You will receive a recommended packing list once you sign up for a retreat.

No, we include everything once you step off the plane.

As hard as you want them to be. This is your retreat, you get from it what you put into it. All of our classes are based off a natural movement program we have developed over the past 8 years. But, the intensity level is in your hands. 

We need to define ‘good shape’. You should be able to walk 3 miles without pain or stopping and run a half mile without stopping. You should be able to squat into full position without pain. But, if you are not quite there yet, we offer free programming to gear you up and prepare you for the retreat as soon as you sign up. This way you will be ready to go when you arrive if you aren’t already.

You will be moving 5-8 hours a day. This doesn’t mean exercising only. You could have a hike and a class in the morning, a 4 hour cave and waterfall hike/cenote tour/mountain bike ride and then a yoga class in the evening. So, while you are moving a lot, it isn’t just “exercising” all day.

We recommend you do not, as you will be doing activities 6-8 hours a day.

We have set pick up and drop off times to choose from when you sign up. We recommend looking at flights and booking them around these times. If they do not match, we can arrange pick up for a fee. You are also free to rent a car if you would like to have your own vehicle.

Depends on location. Please make sure before you book.

Once you pay the deposit, you are free to make payments up until 60 days before the retreat. Full payment is required 60 days before the retreat.

Depends on the retreat, when you check out, it will be available for you to select.

No refund on deposit. If paid in full, you can receive a full refund minus the deposit up to 60 days before the retreat. Anything after 60 days is non-refundable. If a retreat has been cancelled due to any unforeseen issues on our end (not including weather), you will receive a full refund or credit towards another retreat.

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