Are you looking for a unique, effective and unforgettable all inclusive corporate wellness retreat?

Prime Retreats is Now Planning Your Corporate Ancestral Health Escape!

We take our principles and apply them to a fully customizable, all-inclusive and highly effective get away based on your needs and goals. Whether you have a group of 8 or a group of 80, we will execute your specific program with professionalism and expertise.

Prime Retreats Corporate Escape Planning includes the following:

  • Unique approach to health, fitness and community building based on Ancestral Health principles
  • A ‘Personal Planner’ that will have availability at any time you need, just give them a call on their cell phone or direct email.
  • Individualized pricing based on needs, tell us how much you want to spend and we can make it work.
  • A choice of a number of locations worldwide – or tell us where you want to go!
  • Coordination of every single event, including: accommodation scouting and selection, excursion planning, speaker or presenter coordination and booking, travel management, and any special event requests.

How do we differ from other corporate retreat facilitators?

We started our retreats with a set of principles and quickly learned that our community building aspects of these retreats were building strong bonds and lifelong friendships. On top of that, a huge influencer of this is that we use a natural setting, as rustic as you desire, to help you and your team reset and digitally detox (we always have access to internet and cell phone coverage if needed). We then take this setting and use natural movement for learning and team building, as well as improving physical and cognitive function. We combine our principles with your teams goals and develop the most effective corporate reset you can find!

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